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Kinesiology is the most comprehensive of the modern natural therapies.  It is a potent, safe, powerful, hands-on, drug-free natural approach to holistic health care.  It uses muscle testing to identify problem areas, touch, nutrition, and counselling to restore balance.  It works on the philosophy that all stress, imbalances and blockages in the nervous system, can be detected by testing the tension in certain muscles.

Kinesiology is based on Chinese Medicine and the theory that ill health is the results of dysfunction in the body’s energy system.  By restoring balance to the body’s energy flow, kinesiology enhances the body’s natural ability to heal.

The body’s energy (or chi) flows along specific pathways called meridians, and from there directly to related muscles, associated organs and systems of the body, and to all the cells. This energy flow however, often becomes blocked or out of balance, which, if left unresolved may eventually affect a person’s health.  This is referred to as the theory of the Chinese 5-elements.

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How Does It Work?

Kinesiologists look at the whole person in terms of a triangle of health. In short, combining Eastern Medicine Philosophy with the Western understanding of Anatomy and Physiology, precise muscle monitoring techniques are applied to identify and correct energy blockages within the body.

Your body is designed to heal itself, but can’t do this when there are blocks.  Kinesiology helps clear blocks so your body is empowered to heal itself clearing the way for you to achieve your goals.

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In PKP Kinesiology emotions play a large roll in contributing to your health.  See this chart below which visually illustrates the mind body connection and how emotions simply affect temperature in your body:

 Source: The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA

Source: The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA

Emotions associated with an event that happened recently, or in your earlier years, if left unresolved, can manifest into physical form such as a physical pain or illness.

Emotions can cause stress, whether it be anxiety, grief, fear, etc., and stress causes cortisol production, which can then crystalise in organs and create imbalances in the body.  If emotions are left unresolved for a long time things can really start blocking up, one behind the other just like a beaver dam.  Remove the dam and then everything can flow again, and your body can be in a better position to heal itself.  This is one way that kinesiology can help – by discovering and removing the cause block, and not just treating the symptoms.