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What shape is your Triangle of Health right now?

If your energy levels been low, or unbalanced, the Triangle of Health may help you understand why.

The Triangle of Health represents how Kinesiology looks at the human body holistically and multidimensionally.  Each side of the triangle, your physical structure, your biochemistry such as your hormones, nutrition, and your thoughts and emotions, can potentially directly or indirectly influence the other side.

When all sides of the triangle are balanced and the person represented is in a state of optimal life-force and health. (ORANGE)

The truth is no-one ever quite achieves this perfection as the body is designed to adapt, compensate and compromise in order to survive in this every changing world.

In this (GREEN) diagram it shows a deficit at the mental/emotional level adversely affecting both bio-chemistry and structure.  This person represented here is under excessive ongoing mental and emotional stress.

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